Thursday, August 29, 2019

Seven key points of the children's yoga course 2019

Seven key points of the children's yoga course 2019

Seven key points of the children's yoga course 2019

1. Posture: According to the skeletal development and intelligence level of each age group, the corresponding yoga posture training is carried out.

2. Interaction: It allows children to quickly eliminate strangeness and nervousness, and naturally integrates into this group to learn to express and communicate in a happy atmosphere.

3. Energy: It allows the child to master the method of rapid concentration, and this ability will play a decisive role in the child's future study life.

4. Vision: Through the circulation training of blood and oxygen in the eye area, it helps to protect the appropriate image fixation of the eye and the adaptive adjustment of the pupil, improve the child's vision level, prevent and correct myopia.

5. Dance: Through the form of dance, various yoga poses are carried out to enhance children's sports interest.

6. Breathing: Through various yoga training exercises, children can master the correct breathing methods to make them more energetic and healthier.

7. Relaxation: The relaxation of yoga allows the child to learn the correct method of relaxation, quickly restore the vitality of the body, recharge the body and ensure a good quality of sleep.

Differences between children's yoga and parent-child yoga

For the parent-child yoga that is getting hotter in the market now, children's yoga has different feelings. Parent-child yoga will arrange for parents and children to carry out some targeted yoga concentration exercises, posture exercises, interest adjustment, relaxation exercises and other exercises, which can enhance the feelings between parents and children.

Children's yoga has no parent's participation. In the children's yoga class, because the objects are all children, the teaching method is very different from other yoga skills. Children's yoga will teach the yoga spirit with the children, for example, through simple A small story containing yoga thoughts can skillfully change the vanity of children. At the same time, it can also develop children's personality and ability to communicate with people.

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